I want to explore the idea of shedding one’s skin, pulling away an abundance of dead layers similar to that of a reptiles’. I want to play with the idea of putting a man into another’s skin. To be wrapped in a membrane, stretched and warped into a functional garment and cut with multiple layers, peeling away and exposing – a garment that is blown out and oversized in comparison to the human skin. In order to manipulate a form and to create a skin within a skin, a body of contrasted forms could be layered and joined to create a Reptile-Human Hybrid. A body conscious garment cut in such a way that forces the male to move with the garment, rather than of his own accord. A piece that is skin-tight and shrunken, whilst simultaneously being stretchable, so that it clings to the flesh. I want to morph oversized scaled and reptilian panels with the male form, to become a garment in its own right.