| Beauty in Decay | Urban Exploration

"I find beauty in decay. I like to see nature conquering what man has left. I believe that old buildings have a soul. And when i photograph these places i try to capture a piece of that soul" 

Julie Sheil

Now i read about this book a long time ago and as soon as i had my loan i went and bought myself a copy. This quote just sums up the book so nicely. i feel inspired. 

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| Buried & Decayed | Samples.

Inspired by a skip. I went on a rampage yesterday looking for some kind of dirty and preferably mouldy wooden crate in which i could present my samples. Now this was a good skip, found at the back of a fine art department at the university of westminster. Some Interesting finds. I didn't find a crate in the end but managed to fashion a terribly crude box from some rotten charred wood. Banging nails in with a rolling pin the night before a deadline. Beautiful.

Knit Sample:

Hugely inspired by this. attempt at knitting some really bad, spider-web like chaining. Now i'm obsessing over knit. Im thinking this will feed into the print project well. 

Final sample Presentation. 

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