| Severall's mental asylum | Colchester.

Ok so Severall's is this old mental asylum in colchester, where psychiatrists were free to experiment on their patients. The abandoned psychiatric hospital is equipped with its very own mortuary which by the off chance still contains it's body refrigerators. It's said to be haunted. Now i'm so looking forward to going. Me and Michael Sleet are setting out for a day of photographs. I need to find something appropriate to wear for this. 
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| UoW. 1st year show of Shirt & Denim. |

My Shirt and jeans, modelled by Bryan Conway.

Bryan Conway, modelled by William Farr. 

Philip Diep: a-m-l.tumblr.com

Andrew Voss, Modelled by Alexander Muto.

Fashion Show. This is our 1st showing and our course leader, Andrew Groves apparently said it was the best he's seen so far, massive win. Continue reading »


| Final Illustrations. |

I never actually got to uploading my final illustrations, so here you go, it nearly killed me. 
Its not my strongest subject.
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| Jeans project |

Ok so just a quick sketch but this is my design for both the shirt and jeans project. 
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UoW. Print.

Modelled by: Alexander Muto

Modelled by: Alexander Muto 

Modelled by: Alexander Muto

Modelled by: Alexander Muto

Modelled by: Rebecca Slatter

Second year's crit of their project on Print. We had a power cut throughout the whole university this morning,  so it was quickly rearranged to be shown outside, instead of on runway, but it worked. I liked the silence of it and the dedicated onlookers standing out in the cold. Continue reading »


| Shirt based on Paper Cut-outs. |

Based on paper cut-outs and inspired by christopher Shannon's SS11.

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| more illustration. |

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|illustration |

Latest Illustration.

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|More illustration |

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just some quick sketches for illustration. Continue reading »


| Illustration |

another illustration, this one is meant to be 'refined' not soo sure on what thats supposed to mean. Continue reading »


| 6 Illustration Images | BLACK AGGRESSION |

Rag & Bone. Fall 2010. Menswear

Aquascutum. Fall 2010. Womenswear.

Blumarine, Fall 2010, Womenswear.

Burberry Prorsum, RTW 2010.

John Galliano, Fall 2010, Menswear.

Alexander McQueen, Fall 2010, Menswear.

ok so ive chosen my 6 images from AW2010, the theme is Black, but also looks into masculinity within design and also aggression in tailoring. 
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| Illustration no1. |

First Illustration of 10 for illustration project. 
I think ill call him Edmund. 
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