and so i've began an internship at Braille Menswear and im having so much fun. I first saw their styles when i interned with Crystal Deroche at the fashionisto magazine shoot where some of their pieces were modelled by korrel kennedy. I'd never seen any of their designs until then and they were by far my one of my favourite designers. I particularly loved their use of innovative materials and especially the wax cotton capes.

my first day on wednesday was pretty easy going. The boys have been alternately working abroad and therefore made it hard knowing what each had completed. Though i was put to work sourcing perferated leather from leather merchants for a cropped biker jacket that was to be made.

Saturday was fun. I volunteered to help Sam set up a display for Braille SS11 festival colt in the window of 123 store of 123bethnalgreenroad. this consisted of A cream wax cotton, linen lined poncho was hung from a wooden tipipee and showered in a plastic rain display i had made the previous day. Whilst a white linen suit, also hung by a tipiee was draped in yellow ribbon, representing sunshine.

well anyway before i bore you with my ramblings id just like to tell you how great Braille is. The lads ben and sam are such lovely guys and so down to earth which is refreshing when it comes to fashion.