Fashionisto Magazine photoshoot

So i today i was Crystal Deroche's assistant on The Fashionisto menswear photoshoot. The setup was focused on the model Korrel Kennedy and is to be featured in the launch issue of The Fashionisto's printed magazine. The photographer was Juan Trujillo who was so good,  he was amazing at directing the model and knew exactly what he wanted when it came down to it. 

The model Korrel Kennedy who i had previously seen walk at the Christopher Shannon show turned up late which meant for a bad start to the morning but the clothes looked oh so good on his tiny model frame and he had some good looks.  

The chosen garments from asos were meant to delivered to the studio in Archway but didn't arrive until 3 which meant i had to dash into central to Bryan Morel and Surgery PR Agents to pick up some clothes to shoot.  The PR agencies were great, having only been asked for the garments that day they were ready and waiting and ever so helpful.

Braille, a menswear label which had yet to enter my life made a spectacular appearance today. Some of their clothes were featured in the shoot and they were by far my favourite. They were more statement pieces, standing out amongst which was by now a mass of styling material. I particularly loved their use of innovative materials of silk and cotton wax fabrics's and especially the wax cotton capes and coats. 

Though i am now utterly exhausted so i am going to crash. I had such a great day working with some fabulous people which i would like to thank, especially Crystal Deroche who has been so amazing, giving me all the help she possibly can. 

Bonne nuit a toi.